Abu Dhabi shipyard

Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding is a shipyard which repairs and dry dock over 200 vessels annually.

The shipyard is built on a land area of 311.000 sqm along a 425 m long seafront facing the Mussafah channel and with a 315 m long operational quay wall.

Today the shipyard operates a 2.000 ton Syncrolift ship lift system with a platform of dims 77×20 m.
The shipyard also operate a Travel lift for docking vessels weighing up to 500 tons and two Shuttle-lifts of 20 tons capacity each.

Dry berths and transfer system.
Five open berths each 100 m long and two covered berths each 85 m long with an extension of up to 130 m.
20 berths of less than 50 m dedicated for vessel repairs.
6 wet berths of total length of 478 m

Assembly halls and steel production shops are located in two adjacent bays with a total covered area of 8.300 sqm and an open area of 2.900 sqm.

From May/June 2016 the shipyard will operate a new floating dock:
Dims. of 180x30x6 m, 10.000 ton lifting capacity with 2×10 ton cranes.

In addition to sophisticated naval ships, the shipyard has completed various projects on commercial ships that are diverse in complexity.
The typical categories so far has been Offshore Supply vessels, (PSV) and Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels, (AHTS), Tug boats, Offshore DP vessels, Dredgers, Jack up Rigs, Super-Yachts, Barges etc.

With the new floating dock in position, the shipyard expects to dry dock all kind of commercial vessels like Chemical/Product Tankers, LPG ships, Bulk carriers, dredgers, Multipurpose vessels and larger Offshore units too large to be dry docked via their Syncrolift system.

The company reference portfolio includes major refits for a worldwide clientele in the commercial shipping, naval and defense industries.

The shipyard operates high tech and cutting edge fabrication facilities using the latest 3D modeling techniques with high capacities process equipment like profile cutting machines for Steel and Aluminum sheets and machines for bending, rolling, shaping and forming.

The pipe shop houses the latest automated pipe equipment – allowing craftsmen to pre-fabricate pipes indoors and then transfer to the vessel for installation.

The shipyards Electrical shop offers a comprehensive range of services such as repair of cables and connectors, troubleshooting & repair of lighting systems, power systems, (AC/DC) switchboards, motors and generators, control systems and panels.

Overhaul of motors up to 500 kW is carried out at the workshop. Testing equipment available include a 50/60 Hz test bench, motor starter panel and baking oven of size or range 180x200x220 cm for motors of capacities up to 500 kW.

The shipyard operates closed and dust free blasting sheds, cabinets and machines for various blasting requirements. Hull treatment operations are carried out
according to clients requirements.
There are twin climate control blasting and painting sheds of 25×15 m.
The shipyard uses copper slag grit and steel grit.

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