Fujian Huadong Shipyard, China

Fujian Huadong Shipyard

Fujian Huadong Shipyard is located in the north coast of Fujian Luoyuan Bay – northern latitude 26o 27,N,eastern longitude 119o 43 E – which is the most ideal deep-water shelter port in mainland China.

The Shipyard covers an area of about 700,000sq.meters and has a deep-water shoreline of about 2,250m. The shipyard operates three graving docks whit a capacity of

  1. 400,000DWT (375m X 72m),
  2. 170,000DWT (295m X 50m)
  3. 100,000DWT (245m X41.8m)

The shipyard also includes a slipway with a capacity of 50,000 DWT, repair pier of about 1,300m with 6 berths and modern workshops of about 50,000 sqm.

The shipyards location in Luoyuan Bay has advantages such as its water depth, flow of current and  the sheltering condition.

The shipyard will develop a 2nd phase project with focus on marine engineering. A new building dock of 240m X 120m for marine engineering and offshore project is expected to be constructed with supporting facilities. After the 2nd phase of expansion is finished and completion the Shipyard will become the most important and ideal ship repairing and marine engineering manufacturing base from South of  Zhoushan to the North of the mouth of the Pearl River, in the area of Guangzhou.


The Authorities in China are beginning to make slops/sludge and de-mucking works more complicated for especially large tanker owners planning to dry dock their tankers.

Fujian Huadong is the ONLY shipyard in China where Tank owners can moor their ships alongside the shipyards quay and start immediately to remove slops/sludge as well as start de-mucking the ships tanks. The shipyard operates its own station with up to 2.700 m3 capacity.

Tank owners with ships up to VLCC, saves a lot of money and time by dry docking their vessels together with us in addition to receive professional assistance during the dry docking. No need to first bring the ship to a 3rd party slop station with extra costs for Pilots, tugs, additional shifting etc for thereafter proceed to a shipyard which perhaps is located 6-10 hrs away from the slop station.

At Fujian Huadong the ship owners can proceed directly to the slop station/quay in order for the shipyard to start the removal in addition/simultaneously start works perhaps on the Main Engine, mark steel works etc.

Pls, kindly forward your kind specifications and we and our friends in Fujian Huadong Shipyard, will do our best to secure the very best technical and commercial solution for your vessel.

Pls, click on the Brochure for more detail information about the shipyard.

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