Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (CHI)

Xin Kai Gang, Changxing Island, Shanghai

Lixin Shipyard, Shanghai

COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Company

COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (abbr. “CHI”), the shipping industry cluster of COSCO Shipping Corporation Group, is a large heavy industry enterprise for ship & offshore newbuilding/ repairs/ conversion and marine supporting services/ makers/ steel structure fabrication etc established in December 2016, Shanghai.

CHI is integrated by COSCO Shipyard Group, COSCO Shipbuilding Industry and China Shipping Industry, devoting to building China’s leading, world-class shipbuilding and marine engineering enterprise.

As the previous Representative of China Shipping Industry since 1996 and CIC Changxing Island Shipyard since it was established on the island, we are proud to continue our cooperation for Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Shanghai is located on the Island Changxing abt 45 min drive via a tunnel from Shanghai City. The shipyard operates three floating docks:

247×36.6×8.5 m, lifting capacities 22.000 tons,
308x50x17.5 m, lifting capacities 38.000 tons,
410x72x18.5 m, lifting capacities 85.000 tons.

The shipyard has 4.2 km of safe quay space which is operated with 23 cranes upto 2×60 tons. With over 5000 workers the shipyard is among the largest shipyards in China and the largest repair and conversions shipyard in Shanghai area.

CIC Lixin Shipyard, Shanghai (Area: NOR, SWE, DEN)

Main Facilities:
Shore Crane Ton×Set): 30×4,20×1,16×4,15×1
Tugs (HP): Total Power13,100HP
Floating CraneTon×Set): 60×1


Dock name: CS PUDONG
Dock type: Floating
Length M: 222,5
Inner width M: 38
Lifting: Capacity T: 22.000

Dock type: Floating
Length M: 190
Inner width M: 28,4
Lifting: Capacity T: 13.000

Dock name: CS HUASHAN
Dock type: Floating
Length M: 164
Inner width M: 27,4
Lifting: Capacity T: 9.000

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