Caribbean Dry Dock Company S.A. – CDC

Cuba shipyard

Cuba shipyard – Caribbean Dry dock Company S.A. (CDC S.A.), is a shipyard located East of the port of Havana with more than twenty years of experience dealing with the ship repair services.

Accredited as per certified Quality Management System by LRQA, according to ISO 9001/2008; offers the following services endorse by skilled workers with specialized equipments.


  • 6 piers totaling 1100mts , to accommodate ships up to 292 mts length and 6,6 mts draft.
  • One graving dock for ships till 151 mts length and 24 mts beam or 15000 DWT.
  • All piers fully equipped to offer: AC Electricity 60 Hz 110, 220, 380 440 *volts+. DC: 220 *volts+.;
  • Compressed Air: 7 Bar.; fresh water; sea water for cooling and firefighting purposes.


CDC offers this services portfolio adjusted to Ship owners’ needs:


  • Steel and aluminum repair works.
  • Building and repairing of steel and aluminum structures.
  • Hatch covers and hatch coaming repairs.
  • Repair of cranes and means of load and discharge.
  • SMAW welding procedure with electrodes.
  • SAW, FCAW welding procedures submerged arc.


Mechanical, Machining and Pipe Works:

  • Diesel engines, injection pumps and injectors overhauling and repair.
  • Overhauling and repair of turbochargers.
  • Dynamical balancing of rotors till 3200 mm length, 1260 mm diameter and 440 Kg.
  • Tail and intermediate shaft as well as rudder system withdrawal and repair.
  • Propeller withdrawal, repair, polishing and balancing.
  • Overhauling and repair of A/E and deck machinery.
  • Valve overhauling and repairs.
  • Repairs with Chockfast and other materials.
  • Overhauling, cleaning and boiler repairs.
  • Heaters and coolers overhauling and repairing.
  • Non destructive tests as Dye check, Magneflux, X Rays, Ultra-sonic measurements.


Electrical repairs:

  • Overhauling and repairs of rotary and stationary electric motors.
  • Rewinding of electric motors.
  • Assembly of electric systems and lines.
  • Overhauling, repairing and calibration of switches, starters, breakers, protections.
  • Construction and repair of electric switchboards.


Surface Treatment:

  • Scraping.
  • High pressure fresh water jet cleaning till 180 bar.
  • Degreasing.
  • Grit blasting to SA- 2½ Grade.
  • Painting.
  • Cleaning and colored of anchors and anchor chains.
  • Ultra high pressure fresh water jet cleaning till 2 400 bar, (hydroblasting).


Industrial gases:

  • Fabrication and selling of Oxygen and Acetylene with high purity levels.
  • Blasting, degreasing and painting of oxygen and acetylene cylinders.
  • Refilling with acetone of acetylene cylinders.
  • Oxygen and acetylene cylinders valves overhauling, repairing and replacing.
  • Oxygen and acetylene cylinders rental.


Diverse industry repairs and afloat repair services:

A high qualified squad carries out overhauling and repairs works to different industries and to ships during loading and unloading operations at any Cuban port such as:

  • Steel, mechanical, electrical and carpentry works.
  • Assembly and repair of pipe systems, pumps, valves and heat exchangers overhauling and repairs.
  • Withdrawal overhauling and repairing of intermediate and tail shafts and rudder, rudder stock and steering gear repairs.
  • Overhauling and repair of M/E, A/E and deck machinery.
  • Overhauling, repairing, and rewinding of electric motors.
  • Repair of pumps and motors casings, also using “Metalock” process.
  • Cleaning and painting of any kind of structure.
  • Repairing and rebuilding works in factories, hotels and other kind of industries.
  • Diver’s service and underwater inspections.


A new floating dock is to come in operation end 2017.

Dimensions (Mld.)

Length- Pontoon Deck 220.00 m
Length over keel blocks 220.00 m
Length of fore platforms 10.00 m
Length of after platform 10.00 m
Breadth 48.00 m
Height- Pontoon deck(mid./side) 4.60/4.40 m
Breadth-inside 39.00 m
Breadth- dock wall 4.50 m
Depth- Top deck 18.50 m (100mm slant camber)
Depth- Safety deck 14.50 m
Draft- Banking 4.10 m
Draft- Max. Sinking 14.70 m
Freeboard to top deck  3.80 m

Capacities (100%)

Water ballast abt.     60900 m3
Fresh water abt.   115 m3
High pressure water abt.       700 m3
F.O.T abt.   175 m3
Lifting capacity (Nominal) abt.  22000 MT


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