Søby Værft A/S

Background Shipyard

Søby Værft A/S has existed in 90 years and was first founded by Arthur Christian Jørgensen as an engine factory on the 1st of October 1931.

Arthur created the “Søby ship engine”, that became the trademark of Søby Værft A/S. In 1967 the first dry dock was added to the shipyard because of high demand from clients and the other two was added throughout the years.

Dock III is the largest and newest dock on Søby Værft A/S, and it was extended in 2018.

The shipyard also engaged in new buildings on like fishing boats, ferries later the shipyard worked on larger steel constructions, extensions and renewals on different Ships. Latest new buildings was the E-ferry, Ellen.

Capacites and outline of the shipyard.

Dock I 75 x 13 x 3,2
Dock II 80 x 15 x 3,6
Dock III 140 x 24 x 6
Dock III—Azimuth pit 10,5 X 6,3

Engine department

Experienced with all mechanical systems.
Overhaul of Main and AUX engines. Rudder, thruster and propeller overhaul.
ISO 9001/14001 Certified.

Steel department

Steel constructions
All kind of steel and pipe renewal.
Grade A plates and profiles with 3.2 S& P on stock.

Steel repairs
Large-scale heavy lift projects
Certified welding in all materials including Duplex
Steel (1.4462) and aluminium.

Surface Treatment

All over surface treatment is carried out, whether it is FWHP/UHP up to 3000 bar or grit blasting.
All kind of painting systems including silicone paint. We can also carry out coating of cargo tanks.

Deck and Cargo equipment

Common works are overhaul anchor winch and cargo washing machines.
Modification of bunker line –installation of flowmeter –test and overhaul of PV valves etc.

Electrical Works

Søby Værft has over  40 years of experience within all types of electrical installations on board ships

  • Radio Survey (certified by the The Danish Maritime Authority)
  • Installation and repair of switchboards and electronic equipment
  • Electrical installations in existing vessels and newbuilding
  • Installation and repair of el-motors and generators
  • Installation and repair of all kinds of navigation and communication equipment.
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