PT Marcopolo Shipyard Indonesia

PT Marcopolo Shipyard Indonesia

Marco Polo shipyard and the owners group have been listed since 2007 on the Singapore Exchange.

The management and key workers comes from reputable shipyards in Singapore and from Batam all having vast experiences in the ship repair, conversion business as well as with new building projects.

Compared to shipyards located in Singapore, the shipyard can present very competitive terms and conditions.


The geographical location is beneficiary with only a 45 min ferry trip from Singapore and 1.5 hrs by flight from the International airport of


Land Area: 34 hectares/ 348,705 m2
Seafront : 650 m
Sheltered workshops & Warehouses: 18,000 m2
Drydocks: 3
Slipway: 1 (170 m x 40 m)

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