Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine

Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine (N-KOM) Qatar

N-KOM is one of Middle East’s leading shipyards, offering a comprehensive range of professional and state of the art marine services as well as flexible and competitive solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The shipyard is strategically located at the heart of oil and gas activities in the Arabian Gulf. Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine (N-KOM) Qatar combines a wealth of experience and expertise from its parent companies Qatar Gas Transport Company (Nakilat) and Keppel Offshore & Marine (KOM), to provide repair, conversion and construction services for any type of commercial vessels, offshore and onshore structures.

Spanning over 50 hectares, the comprehensive facility is equipped with two graving docks and a floating dock which all three easily can accommodate VLCCs.  quays and piers offering a total berthage capacity of 3,150m, a range of workshops ideally situated in front of the drydocks, more than 500,000sqm of fabrication area and sub-contractor facilities on-site, thus enhancing the shipyard’s flexibility and capabilities.

With a team of experienced industry professionals, extensive infrastructure and track record of safe, quality and timely project executions, N-KOM has quickly established itself as ship owners preferred shipyard in the Middle East.

N-KOM has undertaken repairs for a variety of vessels such as gas carriers, tankers, bulk carriers, containers, dredgers, navy and offshore support vessels.

Docking capacities:

Two graving docks.

No 1.
Dims 360x66x11m
Capacity 350.000 dwt
Dock cranes: 3×30 T and 1x100T

No 2.
Dims 400x80x12 m
Capacity 450.000 dwt
Dock cranes 3x30T and 1x100T

One (two) Floating dock.

Dims 405x66m
Lifting capacities 120.000 T
Dock cranes 2×50 T
Pier cranes 1x30T and 2x 100T

Pending Handy size dock.
Dims 163x26m
Lifting capacities 6.250 T

Areas of Business:

Key ship repair marine services offered:

  • Steel renewal
  • Propeller and rudder modification
  • Boiler repairs and tube renewal
  • Main engine repairs
  • LNG cryogenic equipment overhaul
  • Special equipment installation (i.e. Ballast Water Treatment System & Scrubber system)
  • Hydraulic pipe repairs and renewal
  • HPLP turbine work
  • All types of pipe work (i.e. flushing & acid pickling)
  • Electrical & instrumentation
  • BOG motor laser alignment
  • Hull coating treatment
  • Afloat repairs
  • Underwater hull inspection
  • Other types of repair (i.e. hull/superstructure, tank, frames & bollard pull test up to 180T)

Additional marine services:

Demucking and Desloping.

N-KOM has collaborated with Al Haya Engineering to establish tank cleaning services for crude oil tankers. Through this collaboration, we are able to directly provide our clients with demucking and desloping services at Ras Laffan anchorage and Fujairah.

LNG solutions.

With our second to none vast group engineering experience and resources, N-KOM can effectively undertake the following:

  • ME-GI Main/Engine/Gas/Injection conversion:
    ME-GI is the conversion of heavy fuel oil engines to run on clean fuel (e.g. LNG) in accordance with IMO ruling. The technology allows for significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing engine efficiency. Together with our partner M.A.N Diesel & Turbo, N-KOM will undertake its first ME-GI conversion project on a Q-Max LNG carrier in 2015, utilizing MAN Diesel’ & Turbo’s ME-GI (M-Type Electronically Controlled–Gas) technology.
  • FSRU (Floating Storage Refining Unit) conversion
  • Design & installation of LNG supply and/or transfer systems (e.g. STS)
  • Design & construction of LNG bunker barges to support offshore installations

Mobile repair squad for anchorage/voyage repairs.

Our team of experienced and qualified engineers can be quickly mobilized to undertake vessel inspections and carry out repairs such as motor chemical cleaning, BOG motor laser alignment and emergency repairs either at anchorage or during the vessel’s voyage.

Ferry Services

The shipyard operates its own pilot boat which provides the flexibility to support towage activities at the shipyard and/or Ras Laffan port, as well as sea-trials and ferrying supplies to vessels in the vicinity.

Offshore, gas and oil services

As previously mentioned, the excellent and strategically location of N-KOM provides offshore vessel owners the best facilities in the Arabian Gulf

for any type of repairs, conversions or life extension upgrading/repairs for any type of offshore units and services to the international oil and gas industry. With a team of offshore professionals supported by world class shipyard facilities and the Keppel Brand, we provide solutions for mobile and fixed structures, such as jack up rigs, semi subs, process modules and decks, jackets and piles, well head platforms, flare booms, utility and accommodation platforms etc.

Key services offered:

  • Design, Engineering & Construction
  • Refurbishment, Repair & Life Extension
  • Upgrading & Conversion

Additional offshore services offered:

Mobile Offshore Structures Jack-up rig, Accommodation Barge & Lift boat


  • Refurbishment, upgrading and construction
  • Leg extension and repair
  • Equipment installation, testing and commissioning
  • Conversion & Modification of drilling rig to accommodation jack-up
  • Work-over packages for lift boats

Fixed Offshore Structures


  • Construction of jackets and piles, wellhead platforms, utility & living quarters
  • Construction of offshore wind farm jackets

Offshore Support Services

Our dedicated and experienced offshore team holds certifications from CDC, TBOSIET and H2S, enabling them to support:

  • Offshore hook-up, commissioning & installation
  • Offshore support services for brownfield and greenfield projects (i.e. structural, piping, painting, commissioning and NDT work)

Industrial Engineering

Group Engineering Capabilities:

With a dedicated team of experienced structural, mechanical, electrical and HVAC design engineers, and support from Keppel’s group of companies, we are able to deliver high-quality industrial heavy fabrication projects & engineering solutions.


  • Fabrication of land rigs (including its components)
  • Refurbishment & rigging up of existing land rigs
  • Design & fabrication of pressure vessels
  • Design & fabrication of carbon pipe & exotic pipe spools
  • Machining large components & valves
  • Construction of marine & bespoke structures such as:
    – Floating dock
    – Mooring pontoon
    – Floating breakwater
Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre (KOMTech) carries out research and development, product development and process technology.

Keppel Offshore Technology Department (KOM OTD) develops jack up rig designs by employing the latest technology and techniques and has patented several critical rig components.

Bennett & Associates
Bennett Offshore provides design and drafting services for lift boats (jack up accommodation), jack up rigs and floaters, including consultation services to the oil and gas industry.

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