Oman Drydock Company

Oman Drydock Company

Established in September 2006, Oman Drydock Company (ODC) is wholly owned by a holding company, Oman Global Logistics Group of Government of Sultanate of Oman. ODC is a prime example of economic diversification for the country.

ODC has a diverse business portfolio, which covers Ship repair and Conversion, Industrial Fabrication, Downstream Steel Fabrication, Naval Engineering, Offshore Engineering and Shipbuilding. The shipyard operates two graving docks which are among the largest in The Middle East. ODC holds a geographical advantage of being at the Indian Ocean and in the proximity of the busiest shipping routes in the world.

The company had a 10-year management contract with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd (DSME) (South Korea), a leading shipbuilder in the world, which included the transfer of experience, technology and knowhow; the agreement expired on Sep 2016.

ODC has successfully delivered over 500 projects from more than 50 countries across the world. The shipyard holds international certifications such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO EMS14001, which signifies the commitment of the company to achieve the highest standards in performance delivery and customer satisfaction.

ODC is located in Duqm within the Al Wusta region of Oman which is 500 km south east of Muscat.

Technical Information

Dock capacities

Quays of 2800 m with 8 cranes of 40Tons (74m Radius).

In-house slope and sludge treatment facilities saves valuable time and money for Tanker owners.

ODC has three principal areas of Business, these are:

Ship Repair, Ship Conversion, and Fabrication of Onshore Plants and Offshore Projects as follows:

Ship Repair
ODC provides the procurement, fabrication, removal, fitting, painting, various tests and trials for any kinds of Ship Repair;
– Steel Renewal Job
– Outfitting Job
– Grit Blasting and Painting Job including Tank Cleaning
– Treatment of Slop and Sludge
– Machinery and Electric Job

ODC is of course a GTT recommended shipyard for repairs of LNG tankers.

Ship Conversion
ODC provides any kind of type of conversion including the engineering, procurement, fabrication, erection, removal, installation, tests and trials for;
– Life Extension Job
– Modification for Cell Guide System
– Hull Lengthening Job
– Crane Installation Job
– Conversion to Self-Unloader
– Conversion to FSO/FPSO, etc.
– Conversions from BC/VLOC to Oil tankers up to VLCC.

Offshore Project
ODC is ready to provide the fabrication for
– Steel structures and pipe spools for building and industrial plants
– Tubular structures for offshore jackets and wind towers
– Onshore plants modules and offshore platforms

Examples of Conversions works and ship repairs

Oman Drydock delivers the VLCC Crude Oil Tanker “Saham”

Oman Drydock conversion from VLOC to VLCC tanker in just 51 days

To arrive from abroad to ODC

This has never been easier after regular domestic flights have started between Muscat and Duqm.

  • Air Flight Dubai to Muscat: 45 minutes flight 6~7 times a day
  • Abu Dhabi to Muscat: 45 minutes flight 4~5 times a day
  • Qatar to Muscat: 1.5 hours flight 5~6 times a day
  • (Muscat to Duqm by car transportation takes around 5 hours).

Domestic flight transportation is available 5 times a week from Muscat International Airport to Duqm Airport, which is located merely a 15 km drive to the shipyard.

Accommodation options during dry docking and repairs

For ship owners representatives and specialists subcontractors etc, the shipyard offers excellent accommodation with several hotels or apartments close to the shipyard.

Pickup services or rental cars are available as per owners Representatives preference.

Accommodation examples close the shipyard.

Duqm Frontier Town

Crown Plaza Hotel.

Park Inn Residence, Duqm offers for instance direct beach access.

Panoramic view of the Shipyard with 1.2 mill sqm and with a water depth between 10.9m and 12.53m.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Panoramic view of the Shipyard with 1.2 mill sqm and with a water depth between 10.9m and 12.53m.

State of the art workshops.
The site contains extensive fabrication, manufacturing, and engineering workshops, a clean room, blasting and painting facilities, warehousing and logistic infrastructure, waste disposal, emergency services, recycling areas and modern canteens.

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