Independent specialist in Seals & Bearings


Versitec Marine support the Marine and Offshore Industries around the World.

Versitec range includes.

Stern tube seals and parts.

Independent from, but compatible to Simplex, Kobelco, Wärtsila, John Crane, JMT, IHC, Neptune and Chuetsu Waukesha.

Vanguard sealing assemplies and parts for Oil lubrication or open water lubrication propeller shafts. Chrome steel liners, spacer rings, anodes and O-rings.

Compatible with EAL Oils as sealing rings are manufactured using custom developed Versiton FKM material.

Versitec execute 24/7 services by themselves with highly skilled workers and engineers or with approved service stations around the world. Whether the ship is in dry dock or afloat, shaft withdrawn or bonding.



For enquiries, please contact: Mr. Mossberg

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