Rotterdam ship repair

Rotterdam Offshore and Shiprepair Group (Area: NOR/DEN)
This is your Partner for Dockside and on-site services. The shipyard is one of the leading ship repair companies in Rotterdam and with its strategic location in the main port of Rotterdam, Port no. 2226, with direct access from “open sea”.

Alongside the jetties there are safe lay-by faclities for marine, sea-going and jack up (without back filling) vesels up to 190 mtrlenght, 60 mtr breadth and with 9.5 mtr draft. In addition the shipyard has lifting capacities up to 1400 ton floating crane, 500 ton harbour crane and 300 ton crawler crane. The shipyard area is more than 14000 sqm fully equipped workshopsd and skilled personnel.

Rotterdam ship repair shipyard expertise ranges from collision repairs, complete overhaul of engines, generators, pumps, winches, hydraulic systems, cranes and hatches.

  • Port repairs
  • Voyage repairs
  • High end on-site mechanical services. Alignments, vibration and 3D measurements, 3D scanning and on-site machining.

Dutch Offshore Base Amsterdam

DOB is a strategic and ISPS and AEN location in the main port of Amsterdam. There are lay-by facilities for (marine, sea-going and jack up) vessels and there is 800 m of quays available, with a deep sea quay of up to 500 m length, 60 m breadth and 15 m draft. Dutch Offshore Base offers heavy lift crane capacity up to 1400 ton, a large open yard area of more than 100,000 sqm and warehouse space of 30,000 sqm.

Rotterdam ship repair services

  1. Demobilisation and mobilisation: For offshore vessels such as PSV, OSV, Seismic-, Dredging-, Jack-Up Wind Turbine  Installation Vessels, (crane) barges and platforms.
  2. Heavy-lift and floating cranes: Max 1400T. Supplier, sales/rental, and storage of equipment: Used in offshore exploration such as cranes and winches.
  3. Supplier, sales/rental, and storage of equipment: Used in offshore exploration such as cranes, winches.
  4. Yard repairs or maintenance: For merchant and offshore vessels at our quays with support of our workshop.
  5. Port and voyage repairs or maintenance: With trucks, floating and mobile equipment, all kind of projects can be executed in the Amsterdam- and adjacent Ports or during the voyage.
  6. High end on site mechanical Services: Alignments, vibration and 3D measurements, 3D scanning and on site machining.
  7. Warehousing, transport, storage and inventory control: planned space for the storage and handling of equipment and materials.

The company’s new focus is already yielding impressive results, with an increasing order portfolio and satisfying reactions from the clients. As your concerns are our main objectives, we always try better ways to serve our customers and enhance the quality, health, safety and environmental scope of our work.

You can expect that drive to continue as we move forward. The recent extension of our business services has proven successful and the companies are working on additional business services and locations to increase growth.

Fred Olsen Windcarrier Blue Tern undergoing service and maintenance at ROG:

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