Port of Durban South Africa

Sandock Austral Shipyards

Sandock Austral Shipyards is strategically located on the east coast of South Africa in Durban, one of Africa’s busiest ports. Established in 1960 and a proudly South African company, we have the largest shipyard in Southern Africa consisting of 11 hectares with a useable water frontage of 300 m.

SAS Floating Dock:
Lifting Capacity 5000mt
Overall Length 50m
Overall width  30m
Cranes 2 x 12 ton lifting capacity travelling full length of dock
Prince Edward Graving Dock:
Overall length 352,04m
Width at entrance 33,52m
Depth at entrance 11m
The Prince Edward Graving dock can be divided into two compartments of 206,9m and 138,68m. The graving dock can be emptied in four hours. Electric cranes servicing this dock include a 50 ton crane with a 10 ton crane attached, 24, 15 and 10 ton cranes as well as two 8 ton cranes.

Sandock Austral Shipyards has its own specially constructed dock blocks, which are 2700 mm in height to accommodate the withdrawal of Azimuth Units.

The shipyards holds the record for building the largest ship ever constructed on the African continent and has a proud history of building quality ships: from a Fleet Replenishment Vessel of 147m in length, to the South African Navy’s Strike Craft and Mine Hunters, Voith Schneider tugs and Mega Luxury Yachts.
The company is 60% Black owned and employees own 12% of the shares.
Sandock Austral Shipyards, which is ISO 19001:2008 certified, has an international reputation built on quality workmanship.
The management vision is to be the leading and preferred ship building and ship repair company in Africa.

Please see attached video in reference to the shipyards most recent docking of the mv ”Silverfjord”. The vessel was dry docked for her 3rd Special Survey.
The shipyard carried out all the traditional 15 yrs class inspection items as well as grit blasted and recoated the vessels cargo holds, all in record time.
The vessel was redelivered ahead of time in order to continue her liner duties.


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