Falkvarv, Sweden

Falkvarv, Sweden

Falkvarv, Sweden

Welcome to Falkvarv, an excellent choice for ship repairs and conversions of all type of vessels up to approx. 20.000 dwt.

The shipyard has a strong and proud tradition to provide qualified and fast service specialists for North Sea tonnage.

Falkvarv AB is located on the Swedish west coast between Oresund and Gothenburg. The shipyard characterized by high technical competence, solid long-term experience mixed with a client oriented and flexible management.

The shipyard has a relatively moderate size with around 50 employees provides short and quick decision-making processes which the clients appreciate and values highly when time is money.

The customer can have personal contact with any of Falkvarv`s employees which provides the clients with a feeling of being appreciated with 100% focused attention during the repairs.

A built-up network of qualified subcontractors and partners means the management can set up with extra man power and specialist capacity in short notice for unforeseen surprises during the repairs.

Falkvarv can take on virtually all existing shipyard work, including technically complicated tasks such as extensive machine rebuilds, engineering and implementation of BWTS, Scrubbers and battery propulsion retrofits.

Within the shipyard area, there is also capacity to carry out:

  • All types of blasting, painting and surface treatment
  • Electrical installations and service
  • Interior works

Special competence and flexibility provide continued expansion.

The yard’s current focus on repair, maintenance and rebuilding has been shaped according to the customers’ requirements and wishes.

A work area that is currently expanding is the mobile service for vessels in operation, which means the possibility of quick problem solutions for the customer – around the clock, anywhere in the world.

In the Falkenberg vicinity, the shipyard has all the maritime resources required, both in terms of competence and technical equipment, to carry out all the work that is requested.

Falkvarv has the capacity to dry dock ships up to 150 meters in length. The business is continuously developing towards ever higher quality and shorter lead times – key factors for continued expansion.

The shipyard can achieve this with the help of an increasing degree of flexibility, for example through a well-developed network that enables us to quickly call in personnel with special skills.

Falkvarv is approved by all classification societies to carry out CAP measurements.

The shipyard is also approved to carry out engine block casting works of main machines with epocast.

Shipyard operations in Falkenberg since 1946. Falkvarv AB in Falkenberg started in 1987. The shipyard is built on a proud tradition of shipyard operations, with both new constructions and repairs, which has existed in the city since 1946.

The shipyard operates two floating docks:

Capacity: 155 x 19 m
Lifting capacity 4.500 tons

Capacity 155 x 24 m
Lifting capacity 7.500 tons

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