Unithai Shipyard

Unithai Shipyard & Engineering operates the largest shipyard in Thailand located in the Laem Chabang Port.
The Shipyard is situated abt. 125km/60 min drive from central Bangkok and approx. 20 minutes from the popular seaside holiday resort of Pattaya assuring visiting clients a most pleasant and comfortable stay during the duration of the repairs. For golf interested clients, the area consists of many International Golf clubs with excellent possibilities to enjoy a game of golf when convenient.

The shipyards core activities are ship repair, conversions, modification, shipbuilding
and offshore oil and gas fabrication.

Ship repair Services and capacities:

Grit blasting and coating of hulls, cargo holds and tanks.
Major Steel repairs and renewals
Mechanical repairs and overhauls.
Tail shaft, propellers, stern tube seals, Alignment and rudder repairs.
Engine Room, deck, cargo hold and tank pipe works.
Cargo gear repair and testing.
Electrical motors and generators repair, rewinding and overhauling.
Ultra Sonic cleaning tank of 4x2x2m.
Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic equipment repair.

The shipyard operates two floating docks with a fixed staff of 2000 people.

Unithai No 3.
300x52m, lifting capacities of 48.000 tons

Unithai No 2.
191×34.4x7m, for vessels up to approx. 50.000 dwt, cranes 1×15 t and 1×5 t.

Repair quay of 390 m, 1×45 t crane.

Floating crane: 2×50 t at 22 m outreach.
Floating crane: 2×30 t at 32 m outreach.
Auxiliary Hoist: 2×10 t at 40 m outreach.

Offshore construction and Oil & Gas Modules.

The shipyard possesses large fabrication and assembly areas suitable for offshore construction works such as modules for Oil and Gas units like barge power stations, accommodation units to rigs, refinery plants etc.

The steel capacity is abt 10.000 tons per year and pipe joint of over 100.000 dia-inch per year.

The shipyard has delivered fabrications to EPIC`s energy companies worldwide.

The shipyard has ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS:18001, TIS:14.001

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